A new home for RealRail

The Dream:
Our dream is for a permanent facility, owned by our membership, where individuals of all ages will congregate to share their love of  railroading in all its manifestations.  It will be a center where railroading, particularly model railroading, knowledge, experience and skills are shared, . . . where camaraderie and friendships are prevalent.  A larger Center will enable us to extend the educational aspects of the topic of railroading to the general population and have model railroad layouts and exhibits big enough and exciting enough to provide a continual public interest.

The center provides activities and opportunities to all age groups.  Children and teenagers will discover interests and activities outside their virtual world.  Adults will discover railroading history, develop a hobby and make lasting friendships

Goal: $200,000
Acquire funding sufficient to cover the down payment on a property that will result in a monthly mortgage preferably less than club’s current monthly rent.

General Benefits:
The activities and resources of the railroad center made available to the community are as follows:
• Model railroad layouts in numerous gauges (O, HO, N and others based on interest)
• Railroad and model railroading library
• Clinics on railroad history, operation, and the construction and maintenance of layouts, locomotives, rolling stock, structures and scenery
• Model railroad operation sessions, “OPS” where multiple trains are assembled and run similar to prototype railroads
• Model railroading store that accepts donations and consignment items which are sold at very reasonable prices.
• Participation in research, planning and building layouts using the disciplines of carpentry, electricity, model building, scenery creations and various artistic endeavors.
• A comprehensive resource for learning about railroading and model railroading plus a the platform for the Boy Scout’s Railroading Merit Badge

Ideal Facility will provide space for:
Work room
Storage room

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